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Angela Busheska

Social entrepreneur, innovator, and speaker

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Angela Busheska is a 19-year-old upcoming student at Lafayette College. She is a Macedonian social entrepreneur, researcher-innovator, and speaker.

She is the Founder & CEO of EnRoute, a personalized mobile application that lets users harness their transport, shopping, and household activities to reduce their carbon footprint, rewarding them with real-life prizes for every reduced gram of CO2. Inspired by the enormous pollution in the capital city of North Macedonia, EnRoute is a powerful community with a mission to break the stigma and show that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel to be eco-friendly, As a result, Angela has been awarded the Social Impact Award, an international prize for early-stage social entrepreneurs, and the Grand Prize on Girls Voices for Change Contest.

Angela is also the Founder & President of the non-profit organization Empower The Youth. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities for young people and provide a meal plus to socially endangered families, reducing food waste, and sharing usable food from restaurants & supermarkets. 

Additionally, she uses the power of STEM to make a change. Starting at local science fairs, today, her environmental scientific research has been presented and awarded at Genius Olympiad, International Invention Innovation Competition, EuroInvent, UNIPO, and the New York Academy of Sciences, where she was a finalist on the United Technologies Aerospace Challenge. Apart from that, Angela enjoys solving problems in her notebook. She is a national math olympiad runner-up, medalist at Iranian Geometry Olympiad, Mediterranean Math Olympiad, and leader of the inaugural Macedonian team at the International Youth Physicists Tournament.

As a victim of severe bullying, Angela shares her voice to motivate fellow teenagers. She has given two TED-ED Talks, has spoken at international forums such as the Macedonia 2025 Summits, and has collaborated with leading non-profit organizations like Oxfam America and Global Changemakers.


Angela was a high school valedictorian. In 2020, she was recognized as a "Youth Talent" by the President of North Macedonia and Global Citizen Scholar by Global Citizen Year and the Shawn Mendes Foundation.

At the end of the day, she is an unshakable optimist and a big dreamer who believes that the power of never giving up is the only thing that can bring miracles in life.


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Angela is available to consult on science research, social entrepreneurship, young engagement, various olympiads and debate.


Angela is able to speak on her transformative journey as a bullied student, the importance of youth engagement with social and science issues, as well as, her projects.

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Angela is passionate about empowering youth, guiding social and science projects, and is happy to advise/mentor/tutor where possible.